Hiking tours

Hiking tours provide an unequalled level of autonomy as you set your own pace and embark on the holiday of your choosing, adding as many tours and activities as you see fit.

Northern lights tours

While there are no guarantees that the northern lights show will happen on any particular night, Northern Lights trips are typically best made in late fall and winter/early spring,

Dog sledding tours

These trips offer a glacier tour experience most people only dream of the exhilarating dog sledding ride, sweeping beautiful views from the helicopter, and first-hand stories and experiences from guides.


Wrap up warm; this is a winter activity. A balaclava is an excellent addition considering that you’re travelling at speed through the Alaska cold.

Get to know your dogs

To help socialise their huskies, visitors are always encouraged to visit the pens to interact with the puppies who are well used to being around humans.

Don’t be afraid of the dogs

Don’t be fearful. Despite their size and piercing blue eyes, this playful nature won’t be lost in the adult dogs.

  • Stay hydrated
    When you’re cold, it’s tempting not to drink as much, or only drink coffee and hot chocolate. But you’re still sweating under all those layers, and your body still needs water and electrolytes.
  • Wear Layers
    Though it feels frigid at the trailhead, your body starts to generate heat after just 10 to 15 minutes of walking, especially if you’ve chosen a strenuous trail. Still, layering is important to staying warm and maintaining a consistent temperature on the hike and at the top of the mountain, where it may be even colder than at the trailhead.
  • Keep Your Feet Warm
    Keep your feet dry to keep them warm on the trail. A good pair of hiking socks, made of wool blends or synthetic fabrics wicks moisture away from your skin and, when wet, retains heat and dries quickly.
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